LightWriterImages: Blog en-us (C) LightWriterImages [email protected] (LightWriterImages) Fri, 15 Jan 2021 05:08:00 GMT Fri, 15 Jan 2021 05:08:00 GMT LightWriterImages: Blog 79 120 Catching up Well, blogging is much more difficult than I thought.  It is hard to remember to come here to blog and then when I do remember, then I have no time.  Such is life, as they say.  Since I started this, much as gone on photographically.   Had a beautiful trip in The Netherlands and Belgium with my Aunt.  Can't say it is always easy to push her wheelchair over cobbled streets, but it is doable.  She looks like a bobble head doll half the time.  We were on a riverboat cruise, nice way to travel, but hard for photographers to be on the time constraints.  Another small world occurence for me, another person from my photo club in Dayton, Ohio was on the same riverboat cruise.  There must be thousands of river boats going to all the same places there and we end up on the same boat at the same time!!


The next trip was with two photo friends and we took a trip to Colorado.  The primary reason for the trip was for a photography tour to photograph the wild horses in the Sand Wash Basin for 3 days.  So of course we took 10 days in Colorado.  I have to say the Garden of the Gods is very impressive!!  Of course, we got the tourist pic of the three of us in front of the sign and it was decided that the place should be renamed after us, the Garden of the Goddesses.  We tried to get to Aspen, but the mountain road closures made the trip too long, so we headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Eventually, making it over to the grand city of Maybelle, population 75 and the Victory Hotel.  The horses were fantastic and watching their behaviors at the water hole was amazing.  Well worth the trip.  


Working at getting these pictures edited and downloaded to the site.  THOUSANDS of images!!!  Better get back to work.



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First weekend at Pendelton Well the first weekend at Pendelton Art Center under out belts.  Friday night was busy, lots of people through and the cards sold well.  Had one sale of one of my larger canvases, so very exciting.  This is the one that sold -

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New to blogging  

January 6, 2012


Have never tried blogging before, but wanted to start chronicaling my life in photography.  I want to share with my friends and family and also as a way to remember where, when and how.  Of course, as I age, memory starts fading.  Being the beginning of the year, I thought this was a good time to start.  Not a resolution or anything, too many other things to make resolutions for - weight, skin care, working out, etc.


So first photo outing was last night.  First went to pick up my friend Teresa and went to a gallery in Middletown, we are looking at renting space.  Kind of weird, they are really only open for the first Friday of the month and then for a second look Saturday, but rent is cheap!!  Spoke to a couple of guys who were renting space and they said that they always made enough for rent.  They had some nice images, but very different than Teresa and my work.   Here is the link to the Pendelton Art Gallery -

Next stop, Jungle Jim's.  What a huge and wonderous place full of food!!!  Bought fruit, veggies and assorted things to photograph (and to eat).  This is my second time there, still haven't made it through the entire store, still need to check out the international section. 

We took our purchases to Teresa's house and Rosemary met us there.  Hours and hours of still life photography.  Not real happy with the images, but it was fun!!


Now to see how this looks on the blog page, will add a photo as I upload them. 


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